Hi, nice that you want to know more about who I am and how I work as a photographer.

I've studied at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts (KABK) in The Hague. I always have a great interest and fascination for people to make portraits. That is where the passion started. People all have something unique, capturing the character of a person is a big challenge. To be able to capture someone in a unique way, it is very important that you get to know someone visually relatively quickly during the shoot or reportage. With visual I mean, for example, how someone expresses themselves through attitude, body language and emotion in the face. It is important that I understand what I see and how I can direct a person to achieve the result that is desired.

As a portrait photographer, I really love making images that reveal a person. That you see a side of someone you don't usually see. I personally find the face most interesting because it can tell so much and the face in general is incredibly diverse.

As a wedding photographer I find it important that the wedding couple can enjoy their special day together stress-free and fully. In the meantime, I can capture everyone in the day unobtrusively and effortlessly with the photo camera. Capturing moments is actually the best thing about photography, I can feel when a good moment can come and through experience I can capture those moments silently. I also like to be a little social in between when there is a suitable moment for that of course. I also try to work in the background as much as possible.

I also like to shoot analogue, photo cameras with film roles. Sometimes I have been asked to photograph weddings with film. I often do a combination of digital and film at the same time.